Flora Farms

Wellllllcome to paradise! Meet Flora Farms, a 10 acre, organic farm-oasis situated in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. It grows for the on-site Flora’s Field Kitchen restaurant, as well as for Flora’s Grocery, and for the owners of the on-site Culinary Cottages (which all look magazine-cover-ready, by the way – you really need to take a moment for that swoon-worthy scroll!).

I cannot even tell you how special it was for my husband and I to visit this beautiful place a few weeks ago! It was a 40 minute drive for us from where we were staying in Cabo, but well worth the trip! We made late-lunch reservations, so we were pretty much the last people in the restaurant before it closed until dinner – it felt like we had the place to ourselves! After an outstannnding lunch, we strolled the lovely grounds, and also perused their adorable shop.

Here are some snaps we took of our special day….

Flora Farms 1b Flora Farms 2a Flora Farms 3a

Ooooooo, this fresh olive bread. Uh-mazing.

Flora Farms 4c Flora Farms 6a Flora Farms 7b

We were greeted with cold, refreshing cloths at our lunch table that overlooked one of the many gardens.

Flora Farms 8a

How cute is this menu?!

Flora Farms 9b

Meet my new favorite drink: the hibiscus mimosa (and that would be a real hibiscus flower inside it).

Flora Farms 10b

And my new favorite friend, Olive Bread. With real, buttery butter. Heavenly.

Flora Farms 11a

I know I’m being ridiculous, but this food was even more so – it was just so fresh, with outstanding flavors. Nothing was left on my plate (or bread basket).

Flora Farms 12a

I love that they do things like this!! So charming – makes me wish we lived there!!

Flora Farms 13a

So. This mango sorbet made me want to cry, it was that good. In fact, I told our waiter that, and I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy (which is probably totally true). It wasn’t just mango flavored, I was reallll mango all the way. I can still taste it, now (my heart just squeezed a little).

Then we roamed the beautiful grounds….

Flora Farms 14a Flora Farms 15a Flora Farms 16a Flora Farms 17b Flora Farms 18b

Here’s a peek at an outdoor space of one of the culinary cottages we walked by (be sure to see more photos here!).

Flora Farms 19a Flora Farms 20a

Of course they grow olives. For the bread they make from scratch.

Flora Farms 21a

You know you’re gah-gah for a place when you’re in love with the loos! At the time, I thought it might be weird to take photos of toilet spaces, but now I wish we had – they were so cute! Complete with real, thick, fluffy white towels for hand-drying!

Flora Farms 22a

One last stroll along the gorgeous garden path.

Flora Farms 23b Flora Farms 24a

They have this adorable, onsite store where you can buy organic, locally sourced, handcrafted, botanical body care products via Santo Cabo. I have the lotion in the “Blood Orange” scent, and wish I could have brought a whole crate of it home with me. So lightweight, super moisturizing, and it smells divine! They also sell these products at their markets.

Flora Farms 26a Flora Farms 27a Flora Farms 25a

Dress: Banana Republic | Hat: Biltmore x Madewell | Bag: H&M | Watch: The Horse | Sunnies: Nasty Gal | Slides: J.Crew (similar)

Seriously, how amazing is this place?! And I barely scratched the surface of all the detail and intricacies of this extraordinary farm. I highly recommend a long visit, if you’re ever in the area!!

Until next time, Flora Farms….

xx -Carrie

SMP Founder + Mama x 4

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