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I love being on holiday!! No lesson planning, teaching, multi-tasking four littles’ school schedules all morning and afternoon! I’m free as a bird, kind of!! Yesterday was amazing. I slept in until 7am, finished up some wrapping, and promptly ordered 8 or 9 more gifts that I realized I was lacking (THANK YOU Amazon Prime!!!!), and then we packed up Grandma and the kids and headed to Sun River for dinner, and to check out the Ginger Bread House competition. It was magical. Piles and piles and piles of snow, and big, fat flakes coming down aplenty. We were in the middle of a perfect snow globe. We ate dinner at the lodge, where every tree, railing, and light post was lighted, and it was jusssst…. breathtaking. I have zero photos of our night. Nada. I just drank it all in, and enjoyed being with my little family all evening.

So. This style post has absolutely nothing to do with last night. I just needed share that while it was fresh, I guess (I’m chatty this morning!)? These are just some snaps of me hanging out on our farm, where we’ll be building our new home, soon (I’m so excited!!)! I really love it here. I recently lugged a 1,000 lb hay bale (I’m not exaggerating – my husband told me it weighed between 1k-1.4k lbs!!) all by lonesome. It wasn’t pretty – I literally pulled it inch by inch for about an hour (now I’m exaggerating) – but my 8-year-old daughter witnessed it, and even helped shove, and I loved the look of surprised triumph on her face when we completed the task. I knew I could do it. And I love that I can constantly show her that she can, too, in a place like this. It’s pretty amazing….

Red Toboggan 1a Red Toboggan 2b Red Toboggan 3a Red Toboggan 4b Red Toboggan 5a Red Toboggan 6a Red Toboggan 7b Red Toboggan 8a

Overalls: Madewell | Turtleneck: Halogen x Nordstrom | Trapper Hat: Target | Shearling Bomber: Mango (old – similar) | Plaid Shirt: Jake’s Girlfriend (similar) | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Boots: Steve Madden (old) | Lips: Albeit x Anthropologie in “Bare Rose”

So, if you’re like me and discover you’re 8 or 9 gifts lacking, I shopped some great last-minute gift ideas for ya from Target. You can never go wrong with a cute hat + scarf/glove combo! Shopped some of my faves, below! Merry Eve of Christmas Eve!!

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