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Good morning! So, the second wave of allergy season snuck up on me, and took me OUT on Monday – felt like the flu, it was so bad! But I’m tellin’ ya, an allergy remedy my twin brother told me he does every season to combat that serious Georgia pollen wurrrrrrks. I’ve had so many of you ask me about it on my Insta stories, so here it is!

Allergy Remedy

1.A shot of raw, organic apple cider vinegar, mixed with an EmergenC packet (I like orange – tastes kinda like a mimosa with the vinegar), and of course add some water. Drink daily.

2.Eat a tablespoon of local (and I mean in-your-very-town local – this is key!!), raw honey, daily.

3.Saline nasal spray several times a day.

4.If it’s seriously ahead of you, try AllerDX Plantiva max dosage, along with the above.

I’m telling you, this has worked miracles for me – I feel brand new, today! Very much in the pink.;) Perfectly fitting for this rosy-hued post with & Other Stories, huh?

Other Stories Pink + BW 1a Other Stories Pink + BW 2a Other Stories Pink + BW 3a Other Stories Pink + BW 4a Other Stories Pink + BW 5aOther Stories Pink + BW 6a Other Stories Pink + BW 7a Other Stories Pink + BW 9a

The espadrille flats, though…. They have become a constant favorite. Shopped a bunch of my & Other Stories favorites, below – you HAVE to see their swimsuit selection!!!! I want every single piece!!

Happy shopping!

xx -Carrie

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