Motherhood: The Secret to "Having it All"

My heart always does this massive accordion exercise whenever I look – really look – at, or think of my children. It swells so big, I can physically feel it pushing – testing that confinement of flesh-and-bone – in pure love, joy, and gratefulness that simply knows no bounds (comes with the mama territory!), and then it squeezes tight when I remind myself that these days are fleeting. They won’t always be mine like this, running circles around me, pulling on my leg, chirping, laughing, crying, needing, holding my hand, and curling up in my lap. I did a lot of looking this past Mother’s Day, and hence, underwent a lot of accordion exercises. What a precious gift and privilege it is to be someone’s mama! I never would have dreamed I’d get to be one to four of them here on earth, and to two, precious angel twins in heaven. I feel so humbled, and undeservedly honored that my Heavenly Father entrusted these six to me – however short my time with them was, is, or will be.

I love Mother’s/Father’s Days, when parents get to be celebrated – it’s a tough, unrelenting job, if you’re trying to be good at it! It’s always wonderful to have a day where the ones you love most openly declare their appreciation and love for you, but I honestly feel loved, valued, and appreciated every single day (maybe not every single moment of every day, but every day, nonetheless!), by my gracious, generous Heavenly Father, my faithful, loving husband, and my precious, joyful children.

I am by no means a “perfect” mother (I don’t cook, among a million other shortcomings!), but there is Abounding Joy, Faithful Commitment, and Steadfast Love in our house. This is the foundational core of my children’s heritage, and I pray, their legacy, as well. It just doesn’t get better than this, in my book!

I love the quote, “The secret to having it all…. is knowing you already do.”


Here are some after-church snaps we took this past Mother’s Day….

Mother's Day 2015 1a Mother's Day 2015 2a Mother's Day 2015 4a Mother's Day 2015 5a Mother's Day 2015 6b Mother's Day 2015 7a Mother's Day 2015 8b

The dress I’m wearing is eight years old, and a $10 clearance purchase from Target, but I love to break it out now and again! The pearl earrings were given to me by a dear friend when I lost my twins in utero – I wear them every Mother’s Day :) The only thing new I’m wearing is my Paisley + Sparrow necklace.

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all you amazzzing, loving mothers!


SMP Founder + Mama x 4


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