NYFW: My Top Picks for Spring 2015

What a whirlwind my first official New York Fashion Week was. I mean, it’s a week later and I’m still trying to catch up on sleep and get back on solid ground after riding around on Fashion Cloud 9. I can’t stop reliving all the amazing, tiny moments that I had with Carrie and Tricia and our phenom photo team. I’m still reeling that I made it into the Rag and Bone show, almost bumped into Anna Wintour, and  hung out “in the tents.” The challenge now is to not sound like “that girl” when I say “in the tents.” Never take these dreamy times for granted because then you’re just annoying.

Not annoying, however, is the task of rehashing all the amazing shows that one can take in. I covered 4 of my faves and have now started a countdown to when Spring/Summer 2015 actually begins. Bring on those pretty dresses!!


Pamela Roland

I was blessed to attend Pamela Roland’s show and immediately knew we were in for an inspired treat. Pink screens with Japanese cherry blossoms served as a backdrop until the show started, illuminating a lightning-white runway. As much as a covet the cool, downtown clunky look, the girly-girl in me longs to see fitted dresses and floating gowns glide cooly down the catwalk. I love being a woman and being womanly, so the peacocking plumes that jutted out from the side of the black silk cocktail dress gave me chills. It made me want to grab a the nearest cosmo and GO baby! Lastly, take a look at the Bridal Gown, which is a prelude to her soon-to-be bridal collection. Every camera phone in the house shot up when this finale look made the entrance. A standing O for Mrs. Roland. What a treat it was to see her hug and kiss her husband and family after her SS15 collection made its debut. It made me tear up as I stood watching the scene with my own loving husband by my side. Lucky ladies we are, Pamela and I.

Marc by Marc Jacobs  marcbymarcss15Quite certain that Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier, designers of Marc by Marc Jacobs, took some solid inspiration from the ink and toner in their printer at the Marc Jacobs Offices. The models all walked through prisms in the color palette of CMYK. Graphic designers rejoice! Cyan (Blue), Magenta (Pink), Yellow (Duh), and K (Black) were all over the runway, whether in bold splashes of midi-dresses comprised of synthe-tech (think nylon) or in bright pockets sewn onto white shirts. The designers shed the outlandish look of Ninja Biker girls from FW14 but still brought on edgy and layered up looks – complete with rubber leggings that made the models look a bit like a nurse in a scary movie slash beautiful beings from another planet. I liked it. I’ll always like it because Marc by Marc Jacobs was my first fashion love and never ceases to match my current state of mind. Cool, weird, and forward thinking.

Marc Jacobs

marcss15The Marc Jacobs show is always one much anticipated by the entirety of the Fashion World because Mr. Jacobs is a visionary, a visionary surrounded by a large business that needs to make money or else. So expect big big things from this man for years to come! Attendees were each given a set of Beats by Dre headphones so that they could watch the show in “their own little world” because I imagine it’s hard to be alone with your thoughts at arguably the most exclusive American designer’s Ready to Wear show. Militant looks with short hemlines and big, fat buttons scooted down the pink-carpeted runway. Oversized pockets lent themselves to the larger than life look as well. Trendy shoe expected for Spring 2015? Your mom’s Dr. Scholls flip flops. Stand down, Birkenstocks.

Jenny Packham

jennypackhamss15 Jenny Packham is a red carpet glam queen. I love to watch her shows every season and predict which gowns will be seen during award seasons, which will be altered to fit the newest starlet, and which ones I would like to have in my own wardrobe [answer: ALL]. Rachel Zoe loves to pull her dresses for clients so my ears prick up every time I hear her name. Jenny P from the block (of Madison Avenue) did it again for Spring 2015! Her runway housed long, bright beaded gowns, fitted  body conscious sheaths, and my favorite – a beaded, belted, matching silk blouse and maxi skirt set. I’ve always had an inexplicable thing for decadent silk maxi skirts, Jenny Packham’s newest collection reminded me why.

Until the next round of shows,

Haley “in the tents” Hoover



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