Outta the Park

Part Two of last post…. Same day, different outfit. :) This day was outta-the-park good – one for the books. It was one of those days where everything just easily fell into place, and had the perfect motion and cadence of a film…. A rarity in this circus fam, to say the least!

After shopping and browsing the town, I changed into my “date” outfit, and my husband bought me tulips (my favorite). We all made our way to the park (such a beautiful park!), and My Love Bug and I half-strolled/half-chased our kiddos through it to an impromptu concert. Huffing and puffing a little, we caught up to our kiddos sitting (still!!!) along a wall, watching a talented cellist play his lovely instrument. It was spellbinding – the musician, and the fact that all four of our children were voluntarily sitting still. I crept into the spell and sat next to them, luxuriating in the sunshine, the sweet smell of spring, the soft notes of the cello, and the precious sight of my children’s rapt expressions. It seriously felt like we were in a movie. After a few songs, my children quietly got up, and we continued our way to the giant playground, serenaded by the cello. There’s something unreal and delicious about holding hands with the one you love, while the song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” swirls around you, as you watch your four little ones scamper down a pretty, sunlit path in front of you…. Was it like that every second? Um, no. We had a panicky sitch with a terrifying ant on a wrist, a heart-stopping sitch when our youngest almost ran into the middle of the street, and a long, tired, sigh sitch dealing with, again, our youngest’s shenanigans at the dinner table, but seriously. This day. It really felt magical – the whole day did – and I’m so pleased we have some photos to help us remember it.

Park 1aPark 2b Park 3a Park 4a Park 5a Park 6a Park 7a Park 8a Park 9a Park 10a

(Exhausted from playground mania, ant panic, and copying poses from the yoga class on the green. Wish we had snaps of that – too funny!).

Always thankful for moments like these, but to get a full day of them, was just beyond incredible.

Thank you, my gracious, Heavenly Father.


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