Pink Velvet

I love date nights!! My husband is my favorite person in this whole wide world, and getting to spend alone time with him always gets me so excited. We’re coming up on 17 years of marriage (17!! How did that happen?!), and I feel like my heart somehow stretches more and more full of love for him with each passing year, and he just sinks down deeper, and deeper into its folds. He is so very precious to me – my best friend, my sweetheart. He’s truly the most selfless person I’ve ever known. He genuinely loves serving and helping others – not just when needed, but he actively looks for ways to do this, in an everyday, daily kind of way. After his dad died last year, he gave up his 2-year-shy Air Force retirement to move here and take over his dad’s business, and has been working full time doing that, while straddling his old full-time job as a fighter pilot in the Air National Guard (in another town that’s 3 hours away) to finish out his commitment. What’s unique about this, is that he does it with such…. joy. Sometimes I forget all the stuff he’s juggling because he never brings the stress of all that home to us – I don’t think he ever worries, or stresses about anything, actually. He exercises an as-close-as-you-can-get perfect Faith, which I so admire. He takes it all on like some, fun game challenge, and truly enjoys giving his all in each life-category. He’s an incredible man, husband, father, son, brother, friend, and I feel so beyond blessed and grateful to have him by my side in this bumpy life – to call him my best friend, my calming anchor, my favoritest person ever, and for him to call me his.

Needless to say, date nights with that guy are pretttty special. Special enough for pink velvet – ha!;) Pink velvet is so fun, but can go very wrong in a Malibu Barbie kinda way, so layering it with some weighty, down-to-earth, casual pieces (like a tee, boots, and a chunky-knit sweater) can push the Barbie right on out. And I just also have to say I am in-love with this sweater-cardi!!! It is super, super soft, not itchy at all, and layers like a dream, aaaaand it’s currently half off ($64!). Cardi for the win!

pink-velvet-1apink-velvet-2b pink-velvet-4a pink-velvet-5a pink-velvet-6b pink-velvet-7a pink-velvet-8a pink-velvet-9a pink-velvet-10a pink-velvet-11a

Cheers to date nights, and to the men we adore.

Happy Friday, Loves.

xx -Carrie

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