I Really Can't Stay..Oh But You Can!

At this point, we’ve been grinding through the Holiday Season with fervor. But how long can that last? Last week, I sneak-shopped gifts for my husband, hosted a Christmas Party on the Upper West Side, ran around to pick up 2 last minute secret santa gifts, traveled to New Jersey for a work Christmas Party (okay, not that hard when your boss sends you in a car service), worked 40 hours, pulled clothing for a 2 person photo-shoot, and then made my way to yet another very fun, very festive 1940’s-themed Christmas party at 11:30pm on Saturday night. So yea, Sunday I pretty much slept until noon.

This is my life at Christmas and I don’t even have children or many people to shop for! So I guess I get the easy end of the stick? Christmas doesn’t last that long and each new year I get to experience it, it means something special and different to me. This is the first year I really get to create memories with my husband, like sipping hot chocolate while we take in the Rockefeller tree or window displays on 5th Ave. The prior years we were so close to family or working like dogs; trying to make our own memories was a lost cause. We have 10 days left of Christmas and I propose that this week we dial it down..and stay in.

Last night I made dinner for my husband and we watched one of our favorite Christmas movies. I still have gifts to wrap, credit card bills to pay, and cookies to make, but sitting on the couch in my most festive sweater was just what Kris Kringle ordered. I did break my usual nighttime tradition of changing into an oversized t-shirt the moment I walk through the door and stayed in my outfit I wore to work. I know what you’re thinking and YES, I’m all about a Yuletide sweater.

I dare you to put down the iPad and rush ship everything tomorrow. I dare you to sit, stay, and enjoy! This season is about so much more than stuff. What we are celebrating is about new life and grace that covers everything – remember this and all other priorities will hopefully fade away.












With a full and rested heart,


Wearing: Sweater – Joe Fresh (sold out, similar – On Sale!), Silk Blouse – JCrew (old, similar), Skirt – Parker (old, similar), Tights – Forever21, Boots – Stuart Weitzman – 50% off!


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