Spring Surprises

So far, spring for us has been full of all kinds of surprises. First, we recently made a temporary move to Texas for my husband’s work with barely a week’s notice, and had a blast making a fun, adventurous road trip out of it for our littles (and us!). Next, I wasn’t really expecting to… you know, love Texas, but… surprise! I really do! In spite of cramped quarters, and juggling work, and homeschooling the littles, I feel like my little fam and I are still on an exciting adventure everyday. There are so many things to do here, compared to our tiny hometown in Klamath! The kiddos are on cloud nine, to say the least, and so am I.

I’ve also come to realize how much I miss the south, which is another surprise to me, because of how deeply I love living in Oregon. I’ve missed the smell of the south – that heavy, wet, sweet, fresh-cut-grass smell that you can almost swallow. And I’ve really missed good ol’ southern churches. I nearly cried twenty times during the Easter service we attended, the praise and worship was sooo good! And everyone is so warm and friendly here! I’ve missed that, too (it feels so much like Georgia, where I grew up), and I’m already sad to leave when the time comes. All this to say, embracing our daring, adventurous side (call me lame, but my current self really does think traveling half-way across the country by car to live in a small apartment with four little ones is daring) has really paid off for us in more ways than I can adequately articulate – or probably even know right now. I’m just so grateful for all of it, and plan to enjoy and cherish the moments He gives us, as always.

In keeping with this adventurous, daring stuff…. I tried the culotte trend. I was positive I’d hate them, and would never, ever wear them, but I gave them a try, and…. huge surprise! I kinda love them. So much so, that I kinda bought four more pairs. They’re like a breezy midi skirt, but more practical! Here’s one of my favorites – a white linen pair by Chelsea28 via Nordstrom, worn with my new favorite hat (smooshable and holds its shape), new go-to sandals (the leather is like butta), and my new, cheerful, embroidered Noonday Collection bag.

White Culottes 7a White Culottes 2a White Culottes 3a White Culottes 4a White Culottes 5a White Culottes 6a White Culottes 9a White Culottes 10a

Hat: Urban Outfitters | Shirt: Gap | Culottes: Chelsea28 via Nordstrom | Bag: Noonday Collection | Cuffs: Noonday Collection (silver, gold, beaded) | Square Ring: Nashelle Designs | Necklaces: BaubleBar + Diana Warner | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Shoes: Madewell

This little guy was busy hiding in hedges and trying to outrun his siblings, but took a sec to hold mom’s hand, and give her a wilting dandelion and a smooch.

Life is so, so good.


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