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I’m not sure why I’m so enamored with the idea of a train station right by a beach, but I totally am. My family and I were driving around exploring, and this little station caught my eye, so we all wandered down, played on the beach awhile, and then as we were heading back, we heard a train coming…. and boy did it come! Because it was a BEACH CROSSWALK (lots of people and children coming and going), my husband and I were expecting it to either stop at the station, or at least crawl through. We were slightly (okay, a lot) unnerved when it did neither, and barreled through at 50/60 mph. That doesn’t sound super fast, unless you’re a mere few feet away from that racing wall of steel, and you know, you were expecting it to stop…. Anyway, that was our dramatic moment of the trip. Riveting, I know, but we were grateful it only increased our heart rates for a few moments vs. flat-lining them forever. 😉

So, moving on to the style part. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite go-to/key pieces I tend to pack, to make traveling a little easier. I’m all about keeping it simple! If you’ve followed me for a bit, you can easily guess at least a couple of them. 😉 I’ve listed them, below, and have shopped several options of a key piece that was sold out.

Beach Train 1a Beach Train 2a Beach Train 3a Beach Train 4a Beach Train 5b Beach Train 6a

Sweater: ASOS (similar) | Skinnies: Paige “Verdugo Ankle” | Jacket: Madewell (similar) | Tote: J.Crew (sold out – love this + shopped some faves, below) | Watch: The Horse (it’s back in stock!)| Slides: J.Crew | Sunnies: Quay (in pale pink)

1. A Good-Fitting Jean that Goes the Distance

Paige uses this high-tech fabric in the ones I’m wearing, that causes them to not stretch out, or lose their shape. And is that ever true!! I’m not ashamed to admit I wore those babies four, full days on our trip (have to do some laundry compromising on trips, right?!), and each time, they looked and fit as fresh and new as when they first arrived in their package. No lie. Killer jean.

2. A Versatile Jacket

You’ve probably seen me in this jacket 200 times, and it’s because it goes with e-he-verything. And the material is virtually indestructible (necessary when you have 4 kiddos). You can wash it, wad it up, and it still looks great (well, maybe let it dry first before wadding). It’s just a great neutral, but a little different from your ordinary denim jacket.

3. An Easy, Comfy Shoe

Slides are the way to go this summer (I also love my Converse!) – so easy to kick off, and slide on (particularly essential when traveling by car with littles that need multiple potty stops, and when when beach-exploring). I’ll be honest; the ones I got from J.Crew were so stiff I almost returned them. But after wearing them a few times, I was surprised at how quickly they started softening and conforming to my feet. I had planned to use some leather conditioner or oil to do this – I just wasn’t ambitious enough to actually do it – but this would probably speed up the process! They were definitely my go-to shoe this trip.

4. A Neutral, Durable Tote

I looove my J.Crew mesh tote, but it’s sadly sold out. I highly recommend going with a neutral color scheme and durable material – so practical, and so easy to pair! I always, always, always travel with a tote; it’s my Mary Poppins bag – Mama’s got to be prepared for anything! Hand santitizer? Check. Baby wipes? Quadruple check. Sunscreen for fam? Yes, ma’am. You get the idea. Totes essential. 😉 Here are some of my faves:

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A light summer sweater is also a key piece for me, but I’ll be shopping those for ya in a post tomorrow! Hope you found this one helpful!

xx -Carrie

SMP Founder + Mama x 4

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