Haley's Summatime Sunset Picks

August is one of the slowest summer burns out there. It’s not quite fall, but with school and the busy season clamoring to begin, it’s hard to enjoy the fact that 1) it’s still 92 degrees outside and 2) the beach is calling our name. I did a little online shopping for you, dear readers, showcasing my summertime, sunset pics. Much of it’s on sale and ALL of these items will keep you glowing wellll past Labor Day.

Summer Sunset Picks


Old Navy is an interesting place. It will go on a several-season streak of straight up BLAH/UMMMM/…NO status and then will turn around for a season of coolness. Now is that time. I love to stock up on tees and tanks in the summer because I continually reach for them when putting an outfit together. This tank is cute with a sporty neck and has that great, bouncy cotton that doesn’t cling to your body.

Don’t Ask Why Soft Short
So my inner 15 year old went on a shopping spree at the beginning of the summer at none other than American Eagle. YES, ladies, I’m talking polo shirt, tiny flying eagle, American Eagle. Let me let you in on a little secret, AERIE has great stuff. Lovely bras, great undies, and some aaaamazing flirty shorts. The day I went in, it was buy 1, get 1 for $5. That’s where I found the pineapple shorts, which just makes me happy.

Shoulder bag
I’m a little biased towards the handbag company I work for, and see a lot of samples pass in and out of my office. I will say that this little guy is the one I’ve wanted to confiscate the most. Light, soft leather in bright, poppy colors – he holds everything I need for a summer day of errands that blends into a night on a rooftop.

Tassle necklace
My mom bought this little guy for my birthday and it’s the perfect amount of boho when wearing a flowy tee shirt and cut offs, or brightens up a chic, black maxi dress. Buy now, while it’s on sale!

Collin Sunglasses
If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I’m a Ray-Ban girl all day, errrrday, but this summer I’ve been sneaking these out-and-about when my husband is not looking. Round and light, perfect for a chic-hipster take on summer shadiness.
I once got a sample of this in my Birchbox and fell in LOVE. I was starting to get really sad as the little sample started waning because I had no idea where I could get my hands on another. Until one frantic, last minute Bday card night brought me into a Duane Reade in Soho and BAM there she was, waiting for me.

Sephora Collection mineral blush

NARS Orgasm blush is of course the blush of the century, but I still have a hard time coughing up all that dough for blush, lipgloss, eyeshadow, etc… That stuff gets expensive, and as I pay, all I can think is, “I could be buying shoes, I could be buying shoes…” So, on my last Sephora trip, I asked the sales girl what was comparable. She led me straight to this BAKED blush, and I’m officially in (bronzed, glowy) love.


Seychelles Risky Business
These shoes, ladies, THESE SHOES. I own three pair of Seychelles shoes. They are the most comfortable wedges on the market, and typically ring in at around $100, which considering how many times I’ve worn even one pair is more than worth it to me. BUT then one night I’m late-night scanning Piperlime for a client, and came across these babies!

Revlon Color Blast Crayon
Emma Stone makes this (and everything look so good), but buy this, and rest easy knowing that you, too, can have the perfect pout. Glides on and stays on for a sheer, lovely, layerable style. I went orange. It was a nice and more cost efficient option to my favorite YSL lip slicks. Which are also amazing; if you have an extra $30 lying around, then pick one of these bad boys up! I treat myself to one a season.

Shop-up, and soak in the sun. HAPPY MONTH OF SUMMER, PEOPLE!

xoxo – Haley

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