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It panged my heart a little to upload these photos, this morning. This is what we wore this past Sunday, and while we were standing in the parking lot after church, we learned there had been a three-car accident with one fatality that had recently occurred, not far from where we were. My heart had dropped. I remember well the shock, and pain, and sadness of losing a loved one in that way, and I prayed for the family of that loved one on the way home. We learned Thursday evening that it was my youngest’s little friend, Marley, who had died in the car accident. She was only three years old, and was the cutest, sweetest, most animated little thing! I cried a lot. And prayed a lot. And continue to do both. I know our children are merely entrusted to us for as long as our Heavenly Father has planned, and I know that little Marley is in the most Joyous, Perfect Place, with her Heavenly Father, but I still grieve for her irreplaceable loss, here on earth. I keep thinking, if it were my child…. I would still know all the above to be solidly, faithfully, and beautifully true, but I also know it would not ever take away my intense, aching need to crawl up into heaven to hold her, rock her, kiss her, talk to her, and be privy to what she’s been doing, what she’s thinking. I know a Mother’s heart stretches that far and wide.

So, if you think of little Marley, please pray for her family – her mama, her daddy, her 6-year-old brother, and her deeply-hurting extended family.

On a much lighter note, my youngest could NOT believe I was wearing this dress “just to church.” He gasped, with his wide, and said, “Mama, your dress is sooo boooootiful!! Is that your married dress?”:)

So thankful for these precious lives, and for the privilege of being their mama.

sunday-best-sep-11-2016-1b sunday-best-sep-11-2016-2a sunday-best-sep-11-2016-3a sunday-best-sep-11-2016-4a sunday-best-sep-11-2016-5a sunday-best-sep-11-2016-6a sunday-best-sep-11-2016-7a sunday-best-sep-11-2016-8a

Blessings, and lots of love,


What I Wore

(Gorjois “Rosalyn” Necklace + Jord Watch)


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