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Hi there. So, last night was kinda big for me. I attended a bible study with my husband for the first time since my teens, and all week I just wasn’t sure I could do it. I struggle with anxiety – not across the board, but in a few, specific categories, and one major category that causes extreme anxiety for me is praying out loud with adults (I have no problem praying with my children, if no other adults are around). I do have a history that created, or at the very least, worsened, this anxiety, so I understand where it comes from, but I’ve never been able to overcome it. As a result, I had chosen what I thought was the easy route of just avoiding situations where praying out loud might be involved, when in fact, it just caused me more anxiety. I live in a family of believers, and go to church regularly – prayer could happen at any time! I could be asked to say the blessing at the dinner table (nightmare!)! When all I had to do, and should have done a long, long time ago, was just be honest about it, like I was last night. I opened up, and told the small group of ladies, I had just met for the first time, about my anxiety, and while my heart would be in agreement with them as they prayed, and I would consistently pray throughout the week for the people and topics that were mentioned, I wouldn’t be able to physically pray out loud with them. I’m hopeful that one day I can, but I’m just not there, yet. And you know what? Even though I felt scared, embarrassed, and ashamed to admit these things out loud, I felt such an overwhelming relief, after I did so. I slayed my dragon. Well, wounded him pretty durn good, anyway.

Although yesterday was an absolute marathon of a day, I woke up feeling lighter – bouncy, even – as drug my very tired body out of bed, this morning. I contemplated last night, and thought how beautiful it is of the Lord to give us struggles and weaknesses, so we can humble ourselves to become vulnerable enough to trust, and rely on Him, and to connect, and gain encouragement, and support from other fellow believers. I was so touched by the grace and kindness in how the ladies in my group responded to what I had to say, and am still connecting the simplistic, yet profound, dots this morning of how significant it all is in my Walk with Christ. None of us is perfect. We all have flaws, insecurities, weaknesses, failings – we all fall short – and these exact weaknesses are what should ever draw us closer to Christ, our loving Heavenly Father. I have the kind of personality that prefers to shoulder my struggles, and not burden anyone with them, but the root of this is actually pride. It’s hard to admit my shortcomings; it’s scary to make myself vulnerable, but humility and vulnerability are two very essential qualities that are needed to deepen relationships – any relationship – but especially the One I care about most: the one with My Savior. One particular thing my pastor said last night that struck me – that always strikes me, really – is that Christ never gives up on us. He pursues us patiently, lovingly, uniquely, and individually, according to who we are, and where we are. He knows, and calls us by name. How incredibly humbling and beautiful is that?? The King of All Kings knows my name. And He loves me. He knows your name, and He loves you the same.

Yet again, I went off on a personal tangent that has nothing to do with a silly style post, but I felt so compelled to share – maybe just to validate in writing some things I’m currently learning, and experiencing. This life thing is hard, and I just feel that if we’re open enough to share, we can learn, and/or connect, and support each other along the way.:)

Now that my perhaps “over-sharing” is complete, I’m ready to move on to the super-profound style topic of Overall Culottes. These are the very first pair I’ve tried, and I’m really loving them! They have a fun, simple, 70s vibe, that I’m diggin’.;) Shopped these, and some other great finds for you, below, today. Plus, these wrap sandals!! Eeeek!!

Overall Culottes 1a Overall Culottes 2a Overall Culottes 3a Overall Culottes 4a Overall Culottes 5a Overall Culottes 6a Overall Culottes 7a Overall Culottes 8a Overall Culottes 9b Overall Culottes 10a

Cullotte Overalls: River Island | Striped Tee: J.Crew (similar) | Mini Bag: Sophie Hulme (other fun colors) | Necklace: Gorjois “Avery” | Sunnies: AQS | Wrap Sandals: Steve Madden

Blessings to you, today, my friends!

xx -Carrie

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  1. Jessica

    March 31, 2016 - 9:00 am

    Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m so very happy for you.

  2. The Three Divas

    March 31, 2016 - 10:54 am

    Carrie, Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your heart with us. Isn’t it ironic that in the midst of a crisis, the three of us knew of only 5 people we could trust to ask for prayer – and you were one of them. And your response to our request was perfection! – an honest shout out to the Lord on our behalf that was uniquely and authentically Carrie! There is only one thing we would “take issue with” in your blog…pride?…from our perspective, that doesn’t ring true about you! The word that comes to mind when we think of you is “Authentic!”
    Keep on being your beautiful, wonderful self and sharing your process with all of us – as it encourages all of us in our processes!
    Love you, Rebekah and for the other 2 “Divas!”

  3. Allie

    April 2, 2016 - 7:24 am

    I have been wanting to try overalls for awhile now, but I am way too scared! I love this whole look that you’re rocking <3

    Haute Sauce

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