Beautiful, Treasured, Loved

Hiya! I’m Carrie. I’m a mama of four, and have stretch marks and a droopy belly button. I know it’s en vogue to train yourself to love/caress/see-the-beauty in your stretch marks and all that, but that’s just a bit too hyper self-focused for me. I honestly don’t seeee my mom marks, or aging signs, and I don’t see them on other people either, because I’m not looking for them. I just look at that tummy of mine, and think how miraculous and amazing it is that it housed 6 babies (2 angel twins are in heaven), and what a tremendous workhorse my whole body has been to do all that, and so much more in my lifetime! I have not always loved my body, but I do – really and truly do – now. I’m so thankful for its health, its strength, its endurance, its capacity to love and envelop, and serve, and give. And I’m just so darn thankful that I refuse to heed any societal lies, or coaxing that might try to shift this meaningful, wise, and truthful focus to something so disappointingly superficial, trivial, and ultimately meaningless. I am so much more than that – aren’t we all? There is so much profound freedom and joy in knowing, down to your very bone marrow, this Truth.

You are Beautiful, you are Treasured, you are Loved.

Here’s my very last post from Costa Rica! Most happily wearing one of my very favorite two pieces (shopped many more, below).

 Gilligan's Island 1aGilligan's Island 2aGilligan's Island 3aGilligan's Island 4aGilligan's Island 5aGilligan's Island 6aGilligan's Island 7aGilligan's Island 8aGilligan's Island 9aGilligan's Island 10a

Enjoy that gorgeous, blessed life you’ve been given.

xx -Carrie

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  1. Audrinajulia

    March 7, 2017 - 7:54 am

    Oh my goodness Carrie your body doesn’t look like you gave birth to six children at all! And yes, you’re right most people nowadays and i am too feel guilty about it look at the physical beauty of the the person. But i think that’s the human nature that needs to be change. But honestly along the way physical beauty is not that important but more on personality and the kindness of heart that’s within.

    But still inspired on how that two piece looks on you, you nailed it!


    • Carrie

      March 8, 2017 - 1:03 pm

      Aww, Angie, you are always so kind! Thank you! I actually just have four kiddos, but I thank you just the same! Heehee! :) xx -Carrie

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