Classic with a DIY Twist

I’m telling ya, Vacay Bible School had me all off my game, this week. I love routines, but for some reason, I just couldn’t make a good one, adding it into the mix. I was the most unproductive I’ve ever been in… maybe ever? I don’t even know why? Every day I felt like I was just chasing my tail. I feel kinda weird about it. Anyway, I’m hoping to do a much better job of tackling this coming week!

So, this is the second pair of jeans I took my scissors to, and I really like ’em! I have way more jeans than I need, but I love the fun look of the now-trending uneven hem, so I just made my own. If you follow me on Snapchat, you already saw what I did, but I basically just cut along the inside seam on one side, and then cut across. Be sure to wash before you wear, so you can get a good fray going on!;) If you’re not into DIY-ing, I shopped some great pairs, below.

 Stair Steps 1a Stair Steps 2a Stair Steps 3a Stair Steps 4a Stair Steps 5a Stair Steps 6a Stair Steps 7a Stair Steps 8a

I’m also debuting brand new “Ashlyn” lariat earrings by Gorjois in gold (last post, I wore them in rose gold). Seriously, they’re my most favorite earrings ever!! And my “Zoe” bar bracelet is also by Gorjois (I often wear its twin, but just went with a singleton in this post. You can flip it for a “V” design, too – trés cool).

Happy weekend to ya!

xx -Carrie

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