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As a treat, we took our kiddos to see Zootopia yesterday before dinner. It was so cute!! What wasn’t so cute, was an older lady’s attitude, loudly pronounced, right next to us. She made it passive-aggressively clear to us, via her husband, that she was very unhappy we decided to sit in her row, and then huffily got up and gave herself two extra seats’ worth of space. To be fair, I do try to give people a few chairs of space with our squirmy, young crew, but the theater was pretty full, and that was the only place we could fit (with heaven forbid, only ONE chair of space). She also loudly proclaimed there was a reason she went to the theater without kids. And I defensively thought, whyyy in the world would you decide to go to a kid movie, if you despise kids so much?? Anyway, a little later, as the theater gently erupted with little kiddo giggles for the tenth time, I started to feel bad about feeling defensive, and instead, felt really sorry for that lady. My favorite part of taking my kids to a movie is seeing how they react to it. I always end up watching their faces more than the movie – their eyes are filled with such wonder, and their childlike reactions are so pure, I feel something bigger than myself swell all huge and warm inside me, and I can’t believe it doesn’t cause me to become some human, spastic firework. Children are such a joy! Messy, noisy, frustrating at times, never-ending balls of energy, yessss…. But the joy they bring – every single day – is immeasurable, incomparable, and simply irreplaceable. And to miss out on this – either by choice if she had children, or if she never had any – seemed so very sad to me. And made me relish all those jittery legs, wide eyes, and belly laughs all the more.

What does this story have to do with today’s style post? Uh, absolutely nothing. Other than these flare jeans get tugged and hugged on by little hands and arms more than any other pair I own, for some reason. Might be the extra material? Or the perfect fit? Kinda wanna hug ’em, myself… Shopped some very huggable flares for ya, below.;)

Madewell Layers 1a Madewell Layers 2a Madewell Layers 3a Madewell Layers 4b Madewell Layers 5a Madewell Layers 6a Madewell Layers 7a Madewell Layers 8a Madewell Layers 9a

Silk Shirt: Banana Republic (similar) | Sweater: Madewell | Flares: Madewell | Tote: Madewell | Fringe Sandals: Banana Republic | Moto Jacket: ElevenParis (sold out – very similar) | Watch: The Horse | Sunnies: Madewell | Cheek + Lip Stick: Albeit

Now, go smile at people.:)

xx -Carrie

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