October, Love

October 1st. I can’t believe it. It’s been almost a year since we lost our beloved Grandpa. I think it’s because our lives were so full of him this time last year, that these past few weeks have felt a little more achey. The children talk about him often, though no longer followed with heartbreaking sobs. I’ve wondered how I’d feel about this month when it rolled around… October has always been my favorite – so full of crisp change and cozy potential – and I’m pleased that, despite the pangs of losing a pivotal, deeply respected, well-loved member of our family in this month last year, it’s still my favorite. In fact, I think it’s become even more special to me, because my most vivid memories of Grandpa are of him in those final weeks of his life – all golden leafy, clearest blue skies, and chilly-clean, playing with, and loving on our children, and enjoying slow, meaningful convos over coffee. What a Gift that was. What a Gift he was to us.

And this very first morning of October felt like a gift, too. Chilly, a little bit overcast, golden and red leaves spiraling, fire goin’ strong, the warm, wafty smell of bacon and Daddy’s pancakes, a good cuppa joe, and happy children sounds. Life is precious, life is full, life is oh-so Good.

Here are some sugar-high snaps we took after church, last Sunday. The kiddos were given lollipops in Sunday School, so they were extra hyper-happy (and pretty blurry!;). I think Grandpa would’ve gotten a kick out of these…:)


Cheers to a Beautiful, love-filled, October!



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