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When I found out we were doing our ‘Give Back’ blog this week, I instantly made my way to the local fair trade shop in my city centre. The One World shop is a fair trade outlet in Hull, UK. One World is a member of the British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS), and have been since 1997. Their quirky building is filled to the rafters with trinkets, treasures, and beautifully crafted products from all over the world!

Whilst there, I discovered exactly what the World Fair Trade organisation is all about! The company is helping people all over the globe by ensuring no child labour, or forced labour, payment of a fair price, and supports non-discrimination, gender equality, and Freedom. Unfortunately, in the standard fair trade process, the producer (farmer or craftsman) is often underpaid for their product. This leaves them unable to survive, as the cost of production and materials are more than what they receive. Ultimately, they do not have enough money to live on, or support their own families. The conditions to which the workers are exposed are also often unfair. They are given few, or no workers’ rights, and are forced to work long hours with no access to facilities, such as running water, or toilets. But step, by step, One World shops are helping to provide these basic necessities.

Realising how much of a difference buying just one of their products makes, I arose to the chance to purchase something from the One World shop. I chose to buy a floral print scarf – the perfect summer accessory! All of One Worlds scarves, shawls, and hats are one-off, handmade masterpieces. Their products are made from organically grown cotton, naturally cultivated silk, alpaca wool, and other natural materials. Each piece is as unique to the places they come from, as the people who make them, and are a part of a rich and beautiful process that involves many hands and hearts. These one-of-a-kind pieces utilize art forms such as hand weaving, hand embroidery, block printing, and tie-dye to create wearable art, with unique designs and techniques, specific to each region. Their accessories are much more than a beautiful fashion statement, as each product reflects their heritage, culture, and local environment.

Hull, UK


I styled my beautiful, 100% cotton scarf with a cream jumper, and some small, black, denim shorts. I then completed my look with matching tan boots and handbag. I think the bold, colourful print of the scarf really adds some much-needed excitement to my outfit. The statement scarf is definitely a summer essential to liven-up any look! I decided to do this shoot in the One World Shop itself, as I think this authentic outlet should be introduced to the world!

marnie give back 1 marnie give back 2 marnie give back 3 marnie give back 4 marnie give back 5


Scarf: One World (as each of the scarves are unique, visit the One World shop for yourself, click ‘shop online,’ and you’re sure to find one you like. If you want a design similar to mine, visit Ian Snow, also a Fair Trade company). Shorts: H&M. Bag: Clare V. Jumper: (old – similar here). Boots: H&M (sold out – similar here).

Supporting Fair Trade enables you to contribute to developing countries. When you buy a fair trade product, you are standing up for basic human rights, and sending the message that it is not acceptable to ignore the human rights of producers who suffer from the conventional trading system. Ultimately, by supporting fair trade you are making a difference to the lives of others, and therefore, making the world a better place (and looking super fashionable whilst doing so!).

Feeling rather humble,
Ta’Dah – Marnie x

Marnie is SMP’s first wardrobe stylist in the UK! If you love her look, and live in the UK, she can help you achieve a similar look from your closet, or can personally shop a new look just for you. There’s really no limit as to the number of styling options she can offer you! We can get you all set-up with her as your personal stylist right here online – no appointments necessary.


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