A (Scarlett) Rose by any other Name…

I loved putting this post together, because I felt as though I could see my daughter through a literal, fresh lens. Since the day she was born, she’s always been so calm, collected, and even when holding her in my arms those first few minutes of her life, I felt like she already knew all there was to know – such beautiful, wise, intelligent eyes….

She’s a miniature version of her dad. Super sharp and brilliant mind, eager to learn everything, loves to figure out how things work, always ready to try new things, lover of all things girly, yet can play all day in the dirt, and will steal her brother’s electric motorcycle whenever he’ll let her. She’s a born leader, and so poised and mature beyond her years…. but she’s still a little girl. Always my little girl. And I loved seeing her little-girl ways caught in these photographs.

My beautiful Scarlett, I’ll never stop being in awe of you.

My Valentine 1a My Valentine 2aMy Valentine 3b My Valentine 4b My Valentine 5aMy Valentine 6c My Valentine 7a My Valentine 8a My Valentine 9a My Valentine 10a My Valentine 11aMy Valentine 12b

She has already lost another tooth since we took these photos, and she’ll keep steadily and rapidly – too rapidly – growing up, up, up, and eventually away from me (hopefully just down the street?!), but she will always be my little girl. Always, and forever.

Happy early Valentine’s Day to you, and all the sweet Valentines in your life!

xoxo -Carrie

Mama x 4 + SMP Founder

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