SMP Style Skip: Deep Blue Sea

It’s SMP Style Skip day! This month’s theme is “Deep Blue Sea,” suggested by our gorgeous German partner blogger, Roya of Blue Jeans White Shirt. Unfortunately, Roya has been very sick, and was unable to join us for this skip – we hope you feel better soon, Roya!

So, this theme could be nautical-inspired, beachy, or just something blue… Here’s our little international skip of how “Deep Blue Sea” was interpreted, lightly “skipping” across the U.S., over the pond to jolly England, and ending in a lovely Swiss way.

Carrie J. of SMP in Oregon: Deep “Crater Lake” Blues

Deep Blue Sea 1a

Deep Blue Sea 4b

If you missed Carrie’s full outfit post, yesterday, click here, or her photos, above.

Haley Hoover of Style Me Perfect in NYC: Deep “Workwear” Blues



To see more of Haley’s fab, NYC workwear look, click here, or her photos, above!

Jo + Victoria of She and Hem in Bristol, England: Deep “Harbor” Blues

SheHem 1 SheHem 2 SheHem 3

How adorable is this British duo?! Take a peek at our full feature of them last week, in case you missed it! These young ladies are talented, chic, and hilarious – we are serious fans of their blog!! Click here to see their full “Harbor” post on their blog, or on any of their photos, above.

Corie of A Swiss Missus in Zurich, Switzerland: Deep “Bicycle” Blues

swiss 1 swiss 2

Ahh, that bike! So cute, so chic. And how about that Swiss lake view….? To see more fab photos like these, click here to see Corie’s full post, or her photos, above!

Thank you sooo much for joining us, beautiful ladies! Best wishes to Roya – we hope you get well, soon!!

We hope you enjoyed all that “bluesy” fresh air! Until next time…


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