SMP Style Skip: Deep Sea "Workwear" Blues

When I lived in Nashville, and thumbed through the pages of Elle, Vogue, and Allure, I knew I had at least 6-8 months before trends hit the street. I had time to window shop, and mentally prepare my outfits – not to mention my budget. Now that I live in one of the fashion capitals of the world, the trends hit the streets almost faster than the newest Harper’s flies of the shelf!

I can’t keep up with everything, ya’ll. If you think I’m some sort of fashion Super Woman with a Rachel-Zoe eye for style, and funds to back up every purchase – GUESS AGAIN. I’m skipping Birkenstocks, and passing up on micro Celine bags, and Chanel espadrilles this season. My closet doesn’t have many midi skirts in it, nor do I have any high waisted skirts with the corresponding crop top for a match-matchy, I’m-in-a-sorority look. (No hate on the Greeks, y’all, just dress alike). The one trend I haven’t been able to say “no” to is this darling, silk, PJ theme that’s going on. Everyone’s favorite silk top maker (J.Crew, Vince, Equipment, even Joe Fresh!) has turned out at least one top that resembles Lucy Ricardo’s PJ set with silk shorts or pants to match. When else can you look so lounge, yet chic and pulled together walking down the street? Only in silk PJs, exclusively made NOT for sleeping and more for strolling down Bleecker Street at 7pm as the city collectively begins to hang out.

I’ve found that when you throw a blazer over most things, you can manage to make them work-wearable – within reason. That’s why I was so thrilled when I was surprised with these silkie shorties last week, and was able to piece together a tone-on-tone, office-appropriate ensemble. Now, some of my pals work in very conservative offices (the kind that deal with mutual funds and investments and bulls and bears), and this kind of look would never fly. To those girls I say: “that fitted Theory pencil skirt looks bomb on you, and Congrats, because you will certainly always make more money than I.” To my girls that work in casual places that appreciate some modern looks or simply… don’t care, I say,”Let the trumpets play because you’ve got them workwear blues.”


IMG_6502 IMG_6506 IMG_6545 IMG_6527 IMG_6535


Blazer – J.Crew. Top – J.Crew (for something different, try the graphic option). Shorts – Sandro (sold out – similar). Wedges – Seychelles. Wallet – Longchamp.

Doing Louis Armstrong proud today.

xoxo -Haley

Wardrobe Stylist + Marketing Manager for SMP.

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