Summer Olympics, Circa 1976-ish

Phew, Olympic spectatorship is exhausting. Anyone else running on little sleep, trying to keep up with The Games? I feel a little unpatriotic for admitting this, but we’ve been DVR-ing it, and watching it a day late to save on time, and to see the sports we’re really interested in (does anyone really take the time to watch Badminton, or Canoe Slalom??)…. I’ve just been careful not to read headlines. I loooove the Olympics. I remember feeling so inspired by them as a kid, and it’s been neat to see my own kids feel the same, as they race each other, swimming and running around, here on the farm.

So, what do the Olympics have in common with 70s-vibing denim dresses? Absolutely nothing. Except that maybe some people might have worn them during the 1972 or 1976 Summer Games… Maybe, perhaps-ish? K, that stretch was bad. (Insert monkey emoji with hands over eyes.) I’m blamin’ the Games, though – I need more sleeeep!

So, here’s what my monkeys and I wore to church this past Sunday. I shopped a bunch of 70s-style denim dresses for ya that can go far beyond summer-game distance. Oh yeah, ya heard me. These gals can play hard, and win all year long….

Sunday Best Aug 8 2016 1a Sunday Best Aug 8 2016 2a Sunday Best Aug 8 2016 3a Sunday Best Aug 8 2016 4a

Hope you have a fantabulous weekend, that’s filled with more Olympic golds, and more spectator sleep!!

xx -Carrie

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